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Commodity Channel Index CCI Definition Forexpedia by BabyPips com

However, each one has a different calculation method and functionality. The CCI indicator monitors aberrations forex4you broker review from the usual trend cycles. It is based on the fluctuation of the asset’s Moving Average value.

  • Martin Pring’s Technical Analysis Explained presents the basics of momentum indicators by covering divergences, crossovers and other signals.
  • In this case, the trader should switch to the M5 or M15 timeframe.
  • This can be interpreted as a strong sign of an upcoming trend reversal.
  • The CCI indicator breaks through the zero level from top to bottom .
  • You can leave the indicator default period at 20 or choose your own value.
  • All signals can be conventionally grouped into two types, signals to trade in the trend and signals to trade in a correction.

For intraday trading, the same rules and strategies that I described above work. Watch the CCI location relative to level 0, overbought and oversold levels +200, -200, bullish and bearish divergences. The main difference is that the position holding time will not be several days, but several hours.

When the CCI moves above +100, a new, strong uptrend is beginning, signaling a buy. A Bollinger Band® is a momentum indicator used in technical analysis that depicts two standard deviations above and below go markets forex broker review a simple moving average. In the third and fourth cases, there is a bearish divergence. The price chart hits a high, higher than the previous one, and the CCI makes a high lower than the previous one .

Determine significant support and resistance levels with the help of pivot points. If underlying prices make a new high or low that isn’t confirmed by the CCI, the divergence may signal a price reversal. Investors may only want to take the buy signals, exit when the sell signals occur, and then re-invest when the buy signal occurs again. The indicator is also lagging, which means at times it will provide poor signals. A rally to 100 or -100 to signal a new trend may come too late, as the price has had its run and is starting to correct already.

Thus, in one trading day, one could make profits 2 times on divergence signals. The main thing is to carefully monitor the incoming signals sent by the CCI indicator and find discrepancies between the price chart and the indicator chart. If you master trading bullish and bearish divergences CCI, you will enter more trades and raise the potential profitability of your trading account. Divergence signals are among the strongest ones generated by the CCI indicator. I want to emphasize once again that a trader should identify the trend in longer timeframes to trade based on the signals described above. The trend can be identified using general techniques, such as key highs and lows in the chart, or using other technical analysis tools.

However, a few days later, on May 27, the Commodity Channel Index generates one more signal to buy; this time, it yields a profit. For convenience, you can fill in the “Parameters” table by entering the name of the analyzed instrument, the analysis period, and the CCI calculation time interval. If you need to calculate CCI reading for a period other than 20 days, then you can easily edit the template to your liking by reducing or adding the number of periods yourself. The reduction factor is also called the “Lambert constant”.

Overbought and Oversold Levels

First, subtract the most recent 20-period average of the typical price from each period’s typical price. The CCI compares current price to average price over a specific time period. Samantha Silberstein is a Certified Financial Planner, FINRA Series 7 and 63 licensed holder, State of California life, accident, and health insurance licensed agent, and CFA. She spends her days working with hundreds of employees from non-profit and higher education organizations on their personal financial plans. A detrended price oscillator is an oscillator that strips out price trends in an effort to estimate the length of price cycles from peak to peak or trough to trough. When the indicator goes from positive or near-zero readings to below -100, then a downtrend may be starting.

cci indicatior

Signal number 2 doesn’t work, the price doesn’t go in the needed direction, and the trade is exited with a loss. In the second case, the CCI indicator reaches level – 200, and there is a Bullish Engulfing pattern in the chart. A take profit is recommended to be set at a distance of 3 or 4 times longer than the stop loss. You can also set the take profit at the strong resistance level of the day or an important local high. In the above example of a pro’s trade, you see that the general oil trend is up; it started in April 2020. A bullish signal appears on November 9, 2020, when the CCI line crosse level 0 upside.

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There is another example of divergence in the same chart. The price chart makes low , lower than the preceding one , while the CCI makes low , which is higher than the previous one . Here emerges the bullish divergence, a strong signal to buy in technical analysis. If the candlestick has a small range, it makes sense to consider the previous day and set a stop loss below the daily low preceding the signal day. If the candlestick exceeds the ATR by two or more times, the stop loss is set at the middle level of the signal candlestick.

cci indicatior

A take profit could be set at strong support or resistance levels, for a sell or a buy trade respectively. Let us explore an example of the USDJPY chart to see how the price chart is moving after the CCI reaches strong levels of overbought and oversold, + 200 and -200. Some traders also apply levels +300 and -300, but the indicator can reach these levels only provided the period is shortened, or the market is highly volatile. Traders like the CCI commodity channel index because it is a versatile indicator that is relatively easy to interpret. Many experts recommend one refer to the +100 and -100 levels to trade in the correction opposite the trend. Still, I prefer to work with the stronger +200 and -200 levels.

Overbought and oversold levels

However, the CCI algorithm is quite efficient in shorter timeframes as well. Nowadays, the most popular trading assets are Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. You might be surprised, but financial market trading started with commodities, for example, grains, cotton, coffee, beans, etc.

A shorter CCI will be more volatile with a smaller percentage of values between +100 and -100. Conversely, a longer CCI will have a higher percentage bull by the horns of values between +100 and -100. The triple exponential moving average smooths price fluctuations, making it easier to identify trends.

There are also divergences—when the price is moving in the opposite direction of the indicator. If the price is rising and the CCI is falling, this can indicate a weakness in the trend. This way, they can tighten stop loss levels or hold off on taking new trades in the price trend direction. Signals appear frequently, such a frequency can cause a trader to overtrade.

This divergence was confirmed with a CCI break into positive territory. Also notice that UPS filled the late June gap with a surge in early July. Third, a bearish divergence formed in early September and was confirmed when CCI dipped into negative territory.

In a spreadsheet, track the high, low, and close for 20 periods and compute the typical price. As you know, CCI is the indicator of how difference from MA. Indication of overselling or overbuying will be counted by -100 and 100 value of CCI. I had „hoped“ price would turn north again around 62,000. Generally speaking, markets are positive between Thanksgiving and Year end.

CCI Trading Strategies

An asset is considered oversold when the CCI falls below -100. The position should be closed when the CCI moves back above -100. The position should be closed when the CCI moves back below +100. The percentage of CCI values that fall between +100 and -100 will depend on the number of periods used.

On the chart that is demonstrated above the price of the asset is moving up where both the price and the PSAR are above the 20 EMA line. While the asset’s price moves to lower levels a bullish reversal in the PSAR line is monitored at the same time. Additionally, the CCI remains over the +100 value, indicating an existing strong trend.

The market provides two trading signals to buy USCrude oil. The first one appears on April 14, 2021; the second one is on May 27, 2021. When you want to trade in a correction, it is advised to expect when the index goes beyond the level of +100 or -100, and then begins to return back to the neutral zone. The neutral zone is the area from +100 to -100, which means that the trend has exhausted and there should start a correction.

Calculate the mean deviation by subtracting the MA from the typical price for the last 20 periods. Sum the absolute values of these figures and then divide by 20. The Commodity Channel Index​ is a momentum-based oscillator used to help determine when an investment vehicle is reaching a condition of being overbought or oversold. It is impossible to say definitely which is better, MACD or commodity channel index CCI. Both indicators are oscillators, but they generate different signals. Each of the indicators has its own characteristics, so you need to use them considering the type of market, instrument, and volatility.


May, June & July were all negative CCI prints which saw the market move lower, with August being a slight lift but still saw a negative move as the market was expecting higher. Todays results is slated as being another small lift to 104 but I don’t think this will be enough to… If the signal candlestick is of a narrow range, it makes sense to consider the previous candlestick as a reference for high/low to set a stop loss.

The market upside or downside limits are easily defined by oscillators. In trading with the CCI indicator, the overbought and oversold levels are +100 and -100, as well as +200 and -200. Differently put, this is the mean absolute deviation, which allows you to identify overbought or oversold conditions of the market. To define the trend, one should be guided by the principles of classic chart price analysis or apply supplementary tools.

How to Calculate CCI Indicator

The CCI, however, makes a low , and the next low is higher. There is a divergence between the price chart and the CC indicator, so the market is about to turn up. Next, we should calculate the typical price for each day separately. To do this, add the high price, the low price, and the closing price of the day and divide the resulting amount by 3.

From oversold levels, an advance above -100 and trend line breakout is considered bullish. Horizontal lines at ±200 were added using the advanced indicators options. From early February to early October , Google exceeded ±200 at least five times. The red dotted lines show when CCI moved back below +200 and the green dotted lines show when CCI moved back above -200.

The Woodies CCI indicator is a trading system based on two classic CCI indicators with different periods. The second indicator in the system is called Turbo CCI or TCCI. The Commodity Channel Index is a good tool for any trader. In many ways, the principle of its operation is similar to other oscillators, but it also has its own unique features. A bullish divergence occurs when the underlying security makes a lower low while CCI forms a higher low, which shows less downside momentum. A bearish divergence emerges when the price chart hits a higher high while the CCI dipped, the line makes a lower high or repeats the same one.

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